Visa on Arrival

visaCitizens from most countries can visit Thailand without a visa. Upon arrival in Thailand your passport will be stamped allowing access for a maximum of 15 days if you drive over the boarder or 30 days if you fly across the border, for more information and changes check

Please check with your local Thai Embassy or Consulate whether you have a visa exemption or not. If you would like to stay longer, you can apply for a Tourist Visa.


Tourist Visa

Before your trip, you can visit the Thai Embassy or Consulate  in your home country and apply for a Tourist Visa.

A single entry Tourist visa allows you 60 days when you arrive and can be extended in Thailand for another 30 days (total 90 days).

If you would like to stay longer, you can apply for a double entry Tourist visa which will allow you 180 days (twice 60 days and two 30 days extensions are possible).



Please note that every day that you run over your visa will cost 500 Baht per day. Try to make sure you are near an exit/entry point as your visa is running out.