Diving accidents are easy to avoid. Make sure you get the right training, always dive within your limits and properly plan and conduct your dive profile. We minimize the amount of divers per group for safer control and supervision and EVERY ONE gets to use for free dive computers, which are much more accurate and safer than dive tables.

But however rare, accidents do happen and on Koh Tao there are  two companies that deal with decompression and diving accidents.

The nearest full service decompression facility is in neighboring Koh Samui, the SSS Chamber. Decompression accidents are rarely life threatening and evacuations from Koh Tao are easily organized.

Scuba Junction is proud to be one of the first sponsors of the SSS chamber on Koh Tao and as a member our divers have following benefits through us:

All Intro Level courses (Intro, DSD and OW) 6 hour free decompression treatment, after wards extra hours (in case needed) are discounted to 5,000 THB (normal rate is 40,000 THB per hour).

Advanced courses and our fun divers have all treatment in the decompression chamber at the discounted rate of 5,000 THB per hour.

The amount of treatment you need depends on the nature of the problem, most cases need 3-6 hours of treatment.

Most travel insurances cover nowadays scuba diving up to a depth of 30 meters at no extra charge so it is worth checking out different policies before chosing your insurer.

For those diving reguraly, Divers Alert Network offers all inclusive diving insurances at an excellent rate.  DAN is active worldwide and has three main major hubs:

DAN Europe, DAN Asia and DAN Americas