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Motorbikes are widely available for rent on the island. Mostly semi and full automatic scooters and bigger off road bikes.

Driving license and helmets, or proof of prior experience in riding bikes is not required. Combine this with the conditions of the roads (see Roads section above), it is not surprising to hear, that there are many bike accidents.

Most accidents are the result of people falling off the bike. Repairs to bikes may be very expensive, so please check any damage on the bike before renting and read the rental contracts and more important, drive CAREFULLY !!

If bikes sounds too risky, stick to taxis or you can rent one of the Quad bikes that are now available on the island. These still provide the same enjoyment as a motorbike but are normally safer than motorbikes and are better suited to the bad road conditions.

Currently car rental is very limited, but sometimes available. Most people normally rent car taxis. There are many taxis on the island, both car and motorbike.

Car taxis usually have the word "Taxi" on the side, or carry a large number on their side. Motorbike taxi drivers wear red vests.

Motorbike taxis and taxi ranks can be found next to all the 7-Elevens on the island (Mae Haad, Sairee & Chalok Ban Khao).

Several resorts and dive centers offer free taxi service during the day, Scuba Junction is one of these.

SCUBA Junction - PADI - 5 Star Dive Resort