Not surprisingly scuba diving is the largest activity on Koh Tao. Because scuba divers are usually either in classrooms or underwater during the day, Koh Tao normally has very empty beaches which are ideal for the sunseekers looking for peace and quiet.

The great thing about Koh Tao now is there are so many other activities to do, for those not scuba diving or having a day off from diving there is something for everyone. 

Also available to do on Koh Tao are snorkeling, rock climbing, tai chi, massage courses, thai cookery, meditation courses and watersports including wakeboarding and sea kayaking.
For those looking for night life, Koh Tao has regular beach parties.


Shambhala Yoga Centre - Blue Wind shambala

Shambhala yoga centre offers a variety of Hatha yoga styles led by Internationally qualified and experienced teachers in a spacious peaceful setting.

All levels of yoga practioners are welcome! All equipment are provided on site. Shambhala yoga centre is located above Blue Wind Resort on Sairee Beach. Private tuition is also available.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10.00-12.00 10.00-12.00 10.00-12.00 10.00-12.00 10.00-12.00 10.00-12.00
18.30-20.00 16.00-18.00 16.00-18.00 18.30-20.00 16.00-18.00 No class

Phone: +66 (0)8 44 40 67 55

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Apnea Total Free Diving School



Located on Koh Tao, two hours north of Koh Samui, in the Gulf of Thailand, Apnea Total has been opened since 2003. Monica, Eusebio and their Apnea Total instructor team will teach you the proper breathing techniques to feel comfortable and safe in the water.

You will discover another dimension where you can move around freely and become one with the sea. By training your body and your mind, you will experience new sensations without the aid of artificial breathing equipment.



outside of the gym

Gym & Fitness Koh Tao 

Being on holiday doesn't mean that you cannot be healthy, come and visit our custom made air con gym - the only one on the island. With two floors, a generous amount of cardio machines and a weight room to suit every man and woman.

We even have our own protein shake counter and many many supplements to help you obtain your maximum goals for that day.

Hours of business are to suit the tourist, locals and divers, after all this is a divers island, visit our website here or email us direct with any queries

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Koh Tao Leisure Park. KohTaoLeisure park

A great holiday activity for all the family, mini golf, its really for everyone, so much fun, it's been done

really well and offer's a variety of challenging slopes, steps, bridges and even a castle to explore! 

If that's not enough then try the petanque or play pool or enjoy a beer at their bar if that's all too much for you. There are large screens for all the sports action, there is even a small cinema for you to enjoy a movie or two.



Fairy Tao Wedding

A FairyTaoWedding, will do all we can to make planning your wedding as easy and fun as possible. We've done it ourselves and know it can be extremely overwhelming, and when you're thinking of doing it on a small island in Asia, the stress can increase ten-fold.... but it doesn't have to be that way!

During the early stages of your marriage preparation, we are here to answer all your questions about getting married in Thailand, explain the legal obstacles that need to be met and design the perfect wedding ceremony for you. As your wedding date approaches, we'll do everything to ensure your day goes seamlessly.



Monsoon Gym. 

monsoon gymFor those wishing to work out, whether with traditional weights, modern machines or high intensity boxing. You can try either Monsoon Gym or Gym and Fitness, which are both great gyms on Koh Tao.