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Fun diving madness ;-)

Fun diving madness ;-)

The new season has started and it kicked of right away.

All the divemasters at the shop have been busy diving and doing scuba reviews for the past two weeks.

We've had loads of fun doing it because a lot of the fun divers have been hanging around and coming back to get some more dives in with us.

Which gives us the opportunity to get to know them, have some dinner together. Its been a lot of fun diving with all of them and it has been making me really happy seeing them come up after a dive because we have seen turtles, Jenkins whip rays and so much more marine life that is around at the moment.

Although its gonna get even more busy I am looking forward to meet the new divers who are gonna come by and get some awesome dives with them. At the same time I also hope they are gonna hang around long enough so I can get to know them a little better ;-) 

Lisa, Dive Master

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