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At the beginning it may be a little nerve racking, your breathing is not slow or relaxed, your buoyancy is like a yoyo but once we have discovered that it is possible to breath underwater everything becomes easier. The more you dive the more comfortable you become. This will mean you will no longer yoyo while under water, your breathing becomes relaxed and your dives last longer.

My first open water dive lasted just 20mins with a depth of less than 8mtrs, as I was so excited and nervous at the beginning I just flew through my air, which was a little annoying for my fellow open water student, who still had plenty left when I was down to 50bar.

I was captivated with the underwater world before I started diving, having grown up watching Jacques Cousteau on TV and wishing to one day try Scuba myself. Well I did my open water, my advanced, my first aid and rescue and my Divemaster all at Scuba Junction before doing my Padi Instructor and my SSI instructor courses.

My longest ever dive has now been over 2 & 1/2 hours long and we only ended this because we were getting a little cold but still had plenty of air. So practice!! so every dive will make you a better diver, make you more relaxed and more comfortable which will also bring more enjoyment.

David Waite. Assistant Manager

Padi & SSI Instructor

SCUBA Junction - PADI - 5 Star Dive Resort


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