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Diving on the Other Side...

Diving on the Other Side...
The East Coast of Koh Tao has an amazing amount to offer both experienced and novice divers, and is largely overlooked by the larger dive schools (meaning we are often the only boat at a dive site).

Hin Wong Pinnacle, Lighthouse Pinnacle and Shark Island are great deep dives with amazing whip and harp corals, large groupers, schools of barracuda, razor fish and possibly the best chance to see a turtle (as over the years the turtles have moved away from some of our busier dive sites to avoid us).

Lighthouse Bay, Laem Thien, King Kong Rock and Hin Ngam are shallower sites suitable for all levels of divers. Lots of butterfly fish, angel fish, parrot fish and all the other reef fish can be found here. Laem Thien also has lots of small caves and swim-throughs to explore.

Hin Wong Pinnacle is one of the 3 best divesites around Koh Tao, but is dived far less often than closer dive sites. At Scuba Junction, we try to visit as many different dive sites, so if you see that we're going to Hin Wong, get on the boat - you won't regret it

Alex, TK, Head SSI & PADI Instructor

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