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Why I love my job...

Why I love my job...

I've just finished teaching my latest SSI Open Water course and with a beaming smile handed over to an equally beaming student his very own, shiny, plastic, just off the printers, Open Water certification card (That, might I add, he will not use, as he just signed up for his Advanced Adventurer)! Seeing the change from a nervous, nearly out of control, rubber duckling, to a perfectly neutrally buoyant Open Water diver is amazing! The first few breaths underwater and the first mask clear is a million miles away from the cherished last few breaths on the course, and in only three and a half days, it's quite remarkable.

Learning to dive in a comfortable relaxed atmosphere is key, and at Scuba Junction, with group sizes limited to four you will certainly get this. Also, doing the skills at a dive site such as Japanese Garden, Mango Bay or Aow Leuk, you are sure to get a wide-eyed sense of excitement from the students, even after the snorkel from boat to shore!

But, maybe surprising to some, it's not only the in-water training that I enjoy. The chit chat, banter and stupid questions are all part of the bonding that you get with a group of students, from orientation right through to the student's dinner, celebrating their certification!

Being 100% settled in Koh Tao, with a beautiful wife, adorable daughter, great friends and a wonderful career I really do love my life!

So when people ask me “What is your real job?” I normally just smile...

Gwydion Dacre, SSI # 50192 PADI # 492723


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