Docile whale sharks on Koh TaoFor many divers whale sharks are the ultimate experience and for many divers this ultimate experience comes true on Koh Tao.

Although whale sharks are seasonal, they also have spotted out side the so called whale shark season.

You will have a higher chance of diving next to one of these friendly giants from February till May and from August till November.

Did you know that the Whale shark can be identified by their unique spot pattering? If you have a camera with you when you meet one of these giants, then take photos of the spot patterning behind the gills. You can then submit your photos to Ecoceans online data base at 

Data collection is very important to be able to see declines or problems in existing populations to encourage countries in the region to take measures to protect this magnificent animals for the future. Believe it or not, whale sharks are now also being targeted by the Shark Fining Industry which is responsible for the death of a staggering 100 million sharks per year !

Sharks keep the oceans healthy as part of the natural food chain.  Humanity is damaging this fine balance through fishing and fining of sharks, some species are now close to extinction.  This will cause huge problems to our ecosystem if left unchecked.

To learn how to help please check out the following sites, every little bit counts.