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Some of the faces from our shop!

natalie scuba junction

Natalie – Staff Instructor

Natalie arrived on Koh Tao in 2004, she was meant to be staying for a week! That was 12 years ago...
She has 13 years diving experience and has a passion for diving but even more so for sharing that passion internally and externally with staff and customers alike. A total fitness freak, if she isn't at yoga, palate’s, paddle boarding, hiking, swimming, running, or flying trapezing then you will find her training hard at the Muay Thai Boxing Stadium!
Her love for diving is never ending and that is made very clear when you meet her. Her enthusiasm, patience and bubbly personality together with 11 years teaching experience makes her student’s training easy.
She believes that running a dive shop is all about the crew, our crew are truly amazing, they all care and want you to enjoy and learn about everything...
Natalie is PADI through and through and can teach a wide selection of specialties. She really enjoys teaching the Dive Master candidates, and supervising their progress.
Natalie takes care of our Social Media, which includes our Face Book page & group, Twitter, Instagram. You can ask her direct what life is like on Koh Tao and what is so special about diving or email her This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

david sj

David - Manager - Instructor

David has a great deal of knowledge from diving all over South East Asia and has been with Scuba Junction Diving Co Ltd. since 2003, he is a PADI a Instructor and has been introducing people to 'his' world for over 13 years.
If you look up Yorkshire man in the dictionary you'll find David's picture. Like all true Yorkshire folk he was raised by feral cats on the Yorkshire moors. At 16 he moved to civilisation. Did I say civilisation? I meant Leeds. There he fell in with an ancient cult known as the Mods.
Maybe it was the Jamaican ska music or the Mods' passion for scooters that inspired David to move to the tropical island of Koh Tao? He can be found everywhere around the dive centre, office, shop and often found in the equipment room fixing all our equipment as he is qualified to do this, on hand – handy man and singing along to Queen. Bring him some Lancashire crumbly cheese or a tin of Heinz baked beans and you'll have a friend for life. Bring him a couple of Crunchie bars and a packet of mini eggs? You'll be family!


craigCraig Divemaster Team.

Craig is part of our full time Divemaster team, although he is Scottish he tends not to wear a skirt too often in public. He has a great love of diving around Koh Tao and has logged over 3,000 dives in his time here, so he is sure to show you the interesting creatures that live below the waters around Koh Tao.







Nit and Ying


Our two front desk girls, both speak good English and will help you with checking in, organising your accommodation, taxi pickups and onward travel, that is if they are not eating or on Candy Crush level 2,000 which takes up some of their valuable time each day ;)



Mr. Sang - Dive Boat Captain

Our Captain since 1998, always knowledgeable and talkative. The friendliest Captain around Koh Tao! He can entertain for hours with his stories of how it all started on Koh Tao and how he changed from fishing boat captain to dive boat captain.

Here are some of our DMT's, Dive Masters in Training and some other familiar faces you may see around Scuba Junction holding the names of their favourite dive sites, come visit us and dive the sites....

SCUBA Junction - PADI - 5 Star Dive Resort