At Scuba Junction Diving we love diving and we especially love marine life! Before every one of your dives you will have a dive briefing that will cover all the important stuff related to your dive but also all the cool fish that you can spot! So what can you see?!

Colourful angelfish, butterflyfish, bannerfish and stingrays are abundant on the reefs as well as hard corals such as table coral, staghorn coral, mosaic and mushroom corals are predominant within this region of the Gulf of Thailand. Koh Tao provides the perfect opportunity for divers to observe the relationships that make up the marine ecosystem.

So you thought the Big 5 only existed on safari?! Let this big 5 introduce you to the big 5 of Koh Tao?! Its hard to choose as there is just so much to see!

Each week we will count down the big 5 of Koh Tao. Whether you are trying diving for the first time or have more experience. All of these wonderful creatures are right on Koh Tao's doorstep. But there can only be one sure way to see these beautiful creatures and that's to get your self over here and do some diving!

So lets start with our first contender!

The mighty Trigger Fish!

There are 40 species of triggerfish that are scattered throughout the world’s seas, the largest of all is the Stone triggerfish, which reaches up to 3.3 feet long, (thats over a meter!) found in the Eastern Pacific from Mexico to Chile. They are beautiful fish with various colourful markings mainly consisting of lines and spots.

Triggerfish have an oval shaped body, with a large jaw and teeth adapted for their typical diet which consists of bottom dwelling creatures that generally have either spines or shells for protection.
These bottom dwellers dig out prey, such as crabs and worms, by flapping away debris with their fins and sandblasting with water squirted from their mouths. They also use very tough teeth and jaws to take on sea urchins, flipping them over to get at their bellies, which are armed with fewer spines. Triggerfish wreak such havoc on less fortunate reef dwellers that smaller fish often follow them to feast on their leftovers.

Triggerfish tend to be solitary but meet at traditional mating grounds according to timetables governed by moons and tides. The males of many species appear to establish territories on these spawning grounds and prepare sea floor nests that will house tens of thousands of eggs. Females share care of the eggs until they hatch, blowing water on them to keep them well supplied with oxygen. In some species males are known to maintain a harem of female mates.

Triggerfish are attractive animals and some species have become too popular for their own good. They are sought for the aquarium trade, which has prompted fishermen to gather even threatened species from the wild. Researchers are working to raise triggerfish in captivity so that wild populations might more likely be left alone.

Our shallow coastal waters and Coral Reefs make an ideal home for Yellow Margin, Pink Tails and the most common species in Koh Tao - the Titan Triggerfish. trigger

The Titian trigger fish can grow up to 75cm in length and have a reputation for being a little feisty! During mating season they have been known to swim at divers with their “trigger up” with the intention to warn you off the nest they have built in the sand! No worries if this happens, their territory works in a cone shape to the surface so just lie back kick and they will soon enough leave you to enjoy your dive! There is no reason to fear them.

Just sit back, watch and enjoy this majestic fish in its natural habitat. It really is a case of clash of the Titans!

A Trigger fish can rotate each of their eyeballs independently!