After becoming a PADI Divemaster I am fortunate enough to be able to explore the ocean almost every day. Even after hundreds of dives each one feels just as amazing as the last.

However, there is one exception to this; whalesharks. On some rare occasions whalesharks seem to make their way to Koh Tao in an almost migratory way. I was lucky enough to see four of the amazing creatures within the span of only 5 days. Usually, encounters with these beautiful creatures are much less common. When diving with these fish, time seems to stand still in awe of the way the massive shark can move so effortlessly through the water. Whaleshark

Like every person has unique finger prints; whalesharks are very much the same. The spots above their pectoral fins never change throughout their lives. Making it possible to track the lives and movements of these creatures over the span of their life. Which is crucial to learning more about such a gentle and elusive animal.

I hope to continue being able to swim with these giants in their natural environment for years to come. Every time I descend I experience something so amazing and unique. Here at Scuba Junction Diving we're lucky enough to have these experiences on a daily basis. So why not come have some of your own?

Nic, Padi Divemaster.