Living on Koh Tao and Scuba Diving on Koh Tao is a life for many of us.
We get to live the dream and teach people their Open Water Course, Advanced Open Water, EFR & Rescue Diver, then Dive Master, even the Discover Scuba Diving one day course and many specialities.
We teach students in the best ScubaPro dive equipment, it’s amazing to hand students the best dive equipment, we provide dive computers – a very safe way to dive and teach divers the way of the ocean. 
We have great dive equipment and masks to sell – each one is specific to a divers face, budget and of course favourite colour! Although the colour isn’t a priority!
We only teach PADI courses here at Scuba Junction Diving which means the manuals and instructional materials are the best.
Its amazing teaching divers to move underwater, how to breathe, then progressing onto diving at night, wreck diving, deep diving, the list is endless, that’s why I love diving and teaching all the courses from beginner to professionals, there is so much to teach and still so much to learn.
The more you learn the more you want, knowledge is power and there is so many courses and different dive gear that goes with each course, you can go diving with a dive knife, a compass, learning to navigate around dive sites, even at night time, the dive torch gives you enough to see what is around but not too much that it ruins the experience.
There are so many levels in the PADI system that the learning process is endless, traveling and diving go together, meeting new people and diving in your new friend’s geographical location
Scuba Diving has been a part of my life for 14 years, teaching diving has been my passion for 12 years, I am not about to give any of it up, I only want to keep learning and teaching.
I want to teach the world and show as many people as possible the underwater world…