New Season..

So after being closed for the month of November, all our Thai and western staff are now refreshed and ready to go again!
Why do we close? you may ask. Well it just gives us time to fix and replace things, also November is usually the start of the monsoon season, which ends mid December hopefully! 
What gets fixed?
Both the dive boat and longtail are taken to a boat yard in Chumphon by our Captain, who then stays and supervises any repairs, new fittings and makes sure both vessels are repainted correctly. The Engines on both vessels are stripped and serviced. New this season is a canopy that gives some shade for those on the upper sun deck. There is also a new CESA line, so we now have 2 available to our staff and students needing to complete their CESA as part of their open water course.
The Dive centre gets a touch of paint in places where it is needed and re-organised for better efficiancy when staff and customers are around. Some outside work is done to make our customers more comfortable when at the dive center.
All our Scuba tanks that need Hydro staticly testing are sent away for this, plus every tank needs to be visually inspected each year, so they can be allowed to be used for diving in accordance with local and international laws. All dive masks and fins are replaced that need replacing. All the regulatoras are serviced to Scuba Pro standards and cleaned.
This break allows our Thai staff who work 11 months of the year, time to go visit family and friends that may reside on the mainland. Most of our Instructors and Divemasters actually work at other dive centers on Koh Tao during this time, mainly because they love what they do. Which is DIVE!!
We hope to see many of you, very soon during this new season.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Scuba Junction Diving Co LTD. Koh Tao.