The Uncompressive Titan Trigger Fish!

Koh Tao, our marine life is very diverse and is where I would like to take base in the Evil Titan Trigger Fish. Known scientifically as Bastiloides Viridescens. Is a beautiful and robust reef creature just waiting to be discovered. Usually swim around alone. These solitary creatures have been known to attack divers and might be cause serious injuries. But most of the time divers return with holes in them fins. People said that are getting attracted to colorful fins, what helps to don't get personal injuries.

Why the aggressive behavior?. Are merely reacting to what they perceive as threats to their nesting grounds, definitely a lesson for divers to respect the habitat of these fish, others seem to do so for fun of it. This much is clear, Titan Triggerfish are extremely territorial by nature. The male stands guard over its nest and will charge at any divers or fish that cross into its territory (the zone is a conic full circle directly above its nest). The nest is usually in a flat sandy area amongst the corals, an area that it will defend with a passion.

Bites should be taken seriously as they are ciguatoxic. That means is a natural poison which is found on some tropical reefs. It infects fish which feed on a marine algae. While harmless to the fish, even small amounts can have a harmful effect on humans. In cases of extreme poisoning, it may cause heart attacks, paralysis or death. The teeth, designed for crunching through hard shells and coral, can inflict serious wounds on any would-be intruders.

Titan Triggerfish are often solitary, and diurnal, meaning they are day-time fish, sleeping at night.

Won't always resort to violence though, on occasion just swimming at the intruder, usually a diver or snorkeler, to provide them with an escort out of the nesting territory. However, should a colorful male Titan happen to charge in your direction. It's best to do away with bravado and retreat, using your fins as a barrier between you and the fish!