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UV Night Diving

9 years ago I did my first night dive. It was my 23rd dive and I still remember most of the hour I spent under Rye Pier near Melbourne in Australia. I saw my first and only blue-ringed octopus, squid, seahorses, crabs and shrimp, and quickly decided that Night Diving was my favorite type of diving.

Since then, I've done hundreds of night dives and loved most of them. Until last year I didn't think it'd get any better, then we tried UV diving for the first time :-)

Using a torch that emits a range of light from UV to deep Blue and a filter over our masks, we entered a world apart from normal diving. It's much darker because the torch emits very little visible light, which makes the glow from the coral all the more astonishing. The corals glow in a range of bright green, yellow, orange and red, and it was amazing to watch the coral polyps feeding on parasites attracted by our torches.

It's not just the coral that glows, a few fish exhibit fantastic fluorescence - freckled goat fish, often overlooked during the day, glow bright yellow - frog and scorpion fish a deep red glow.

UV Night Diving is now by far my favorite type of diving, and I'm looking forward to many more incredible UV dives soon....

Alex Tyrell-Kenyon, SSI & PADI Instructor



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