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New Adventure New World

At the start of my travels I had no idea where they would take me and the things I would learn. Over months of travel I have seen many amazing things. However, none compare to the spectacle of the underwater world that scuba diving has allowed me to experience.

Of the many people I spoke to, they had nothing but great things to say about Thailand diving; especially Koh Tao Diving. Therefore, cementing my decision to become a PADI scuba diver. Knowing that it would allow me to experience diving Thailand, diving Koh Tao as well as diving anywhere my journeys will take me.

Taking my first steps in diving I was nervous but very excited! I quickly became overwhelmed with the vast amount of terminology and equipment I was using and learning. Before long I became accustomed to all of the scuba gear; dive computer, dive watches, diving mask, dive knife, dive light quickly became extensions of my own body while underwater.

Entranced by the new world scuba diving had allowed me to witness; I was then set on making it known to as many people as possible. By furthering my diving knowledge and experience I became a PADI Divemaster to work in a dive shop and share the wonders that await below. Being able to see the same nervousness and excitement I had, on the faces of those that I take diving has to be one of the best parts of my job. Knowing that they have just begun to witness an awe inspiring world that will continue to do so for the rest of their lives.  

Divemaster Nic.


Diving Around Koh Tao.
Hello everybody,
My name is Dena and I'm part of the team of amazing PADI Scuba Dive Instructors here at Scuba Junction Diving Co Ltd, Koh Tao.
The best part of my job is that every day is a good day here in paradise. I have the privilege of teaching people how to scuba dive. Just last month my students and me where doing their first open water dive at Japanese Gardens. At this dive site you can enjoy the colourful reef fish, like butterfly fish (they mate for life, did you know that) and beautiful corals in all different variety. We were nearing the end of our dive and all of a sudden a turtle decided to join us. It swam with us and followed us around for a good 5 minutes. It was the best first dive for my students you can ever imagine.
Diving in Koh Tao brings lots of underwater discoveries you can do. We have dive sites for everybody. Whether you are a first time diver or a seasoned one.
Want to learn how to Scuba Dive at a 5 star PADI dive enter, where fun, pleasure and safety is key, learn in small groups with amazing PADI Scuba Instructors come and see us at Scuba Junction Diving Co Ltd.
Sunny greetings from Dena.
Living on Koh Tao and Scuba Diving on Koh Tao is a life for many of us.
We get to live the dream and teach people their Open Water Course, Advanced Open Water, EFR & Rescue Diver, then Dive Master, even the Discover Scuba Diving one day course and many specialities.
We teach students in the best ScubaPro dive equipment, it’s amazing to hand students the best dive equipment, we provide dive computers – a very safe way to dive and teach divers the way of the ocean. 
We have great dive equipment and masks to sell – each one is specific to a divers face, budget and of course favourite colour! Although the colour isn’t a priority!
We only teach PADI courses here at Scuba Junction Diving which means the manuals and instructional materials are the best.
Its amazing teaching divers to move underwater, how to breathe, then progressing onto diving at night, wreck diving, deep diving, the list is endless, that’s why I love diving and teaching all the courses from beginner to professionals, there is so much to teach and still so much to learn.
The more you learn the more you want, knowledge is power and there is so many courses and different dive gear that goes with each course, you can go diving with a dive knife, a compass, learning to navigate around dive sites, even at night time, the dive torch gives you enough to see what is around but not too much that it ruins the experience.
There are so many levels in the PADI system that the learning process is endless, traveling and diving go together, meeting new people and diving in your new friend’s geographical location
Scuba Diving has been a part of my life for 14 years, teaching diving has been my passion for 12 years, I am not about to give any of it up, I only want to keep learning and teaching.
I want to teach the world and show as many people as possible the underwater world…
Hi my name is Craig Low and I have been lucky enough to be a Padi dive master on a small island in the middle of the Thai gulf called Koh Tao for the last 4 years.
As a dive pro on Koh Tao I get to do lots of dives every day in all the amazing dive sites around the island.
There are a variety of different dives here for example I have seen my fair share of whales including Brydes whale and of course whale sharks at Chumphon pinnacle, Shark Island and southwest pinnacle.
As well as being buzzed by trigger fish at red rock, laem thian and green rock. All three of these dive sites have very good swim troughs large and small.
Some of the most beautiful coral beds on the island are at sites like lighthouse, white rock and tanote bay.
We also are very lucky to have a wreck just off Sairee beach the H.T.M.S SATTAKUT.
Which is very good for training with the wreck speciality to practice penetration.
We have a lot of great sites around the island but we also have some great bars and restaurants
To kick back and relax at.
So if you are interested on seeing some of the sites around this beautiful island with an experienced dive master pop down and see me at scuba junction diving co ltd Sairee beach.
I am the big Scottish guy you can’t miss me!!
A long time ago in a galaxy far far way it was very difficult to get to this tropical island paradise of Koh Tao!
The ferries to paradise from Koh Samui or the mainland were infrequent and usually very cramped with materials and goods for Thailand. Thankfully over time this has changed and you can easily reach paradise from where ever you are in Thailand or beyond.
If you arrive in Bangkok, you have many choices.
Fly and ferry: From Bangkok’s international Survarnabhumi Airport, there are flights to Koh Samui every hour, so if your arrival allows, you can fly in the morning and hop on a ferry to Koh Tao at lunch time, arriving at 2:30 or 3pm depending on which ferry company you travel with, though the Seatran pier is closest to the airport.
Fly and ferry: From Bangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport, there are flights to Chumphon twice a day and flights to Surat Thani several times a day. The flight to Chumphon, is best as this is a early morning departure, meaning you can then catch the lunch time ferry with Lomprayah to Koh Tao. Arriving at 2:45pm in paradise. If you take the early evening flight then you could catch the night ferry to Koh Tao arriving at 5am the next morning, or stay the night in Chumphon and catch the morning ferry the next day.
Flights to Surat Thani can also mean you may spend the night there before arriving the next day in paradise.
Trains and ferry: Many trains leave Bangkok heading south, the overnight express is best as this will arrive in Chumphon early enough for you to catch the morning ferry. Try not to go as far as Surat Thani, as these will mean you have gone further than you have to and the journey will have cost you more.
Buses and ferry from Bangkok to Chumphon: This is the cheapest way to get to paradise with buses leaving Khaosan Road at 9pm or 5am. These tickets are easily purchased from Khaosan roads Lomprayah and Songserm shops or any travel agency in Thailand. These arrive at Chumphon, from where you catch the morning ferry or the lunch time ferry departure.
Day time ferries depart from Chumphon, Surat Thani, Koh Samui and Koh Phangyan and the night ferries depart from Chumphon (no Sunday departure) and Surat Thani.
We hope this helps you get to Paradise and you come and enjoy your diving with Scuba Junction Diving Co Ltd.

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